Company History

In 1994, the Austrian Donauchem GmbH established Donauchem Kft. Our activity started in Kén utca of Budapest with our first managing director Mr. Kálmán Bernáth. Our main activity was toll warehousing of chemicals.

In 1995, negotiations were made about purchasing a warehouse site in Tolna. The plans were ready, but the company at the and called off from buying. We started our delivery services this year to our customers.

In 1996 Mr. Walter Vital took over the managing director position.

In 1997, our company purchased the Vegyszer utca logistics site of Vegytek. Here the dominant activity was still toll warehousing, but from this year we intensified to build out our sales with 6 sales people and using of the business policy of Donauchem GmbH.

In 1998, Mr. László Rajnavölgyi became our managing director. He restructured the sales activity and set the company into a dynamic growing curve in distribution of chemical commodities in Hungary.

In 1999, our company exceded a turnover of 500 million HUF. We purchased own truck to help serving our customers.

In 2001, our turnover exceeded 1 billion HUF. We became leading distributor of some chemicals like iron-(III)-chloride and one of the leading chemical distributor of chemical commodities in Hungary.

In 2005, Mr. Zsolt Tóth became the managing director of the company. The sales structure was re-organised and fortified. Our activity widened with galvanics specialities of Coventya.

In 2006, our company changed business year starting with October 1st in line with that of Donau Chemie AG. This business year was only 9 month long. With completing a successful BPR project we introduced SAP Business One ERP system.

In 2008, our turnover exceeded 1,5 billion HUF. Our activity widened with sales of organic acid preparations for grain preservation.

In 2009, our turnover was just a bit below 2 billion HUF. We reached axe growth in sales of food additives in Hungary.

In 2010, Mr. Csaba Deák became the Managing Director of the company, who has introduced important process development measures, strict cost control and a series of organizational changes. In parallel with this, the entire commercial organization has been reorganized. As part of the new commercial strategy, significant reforms have taken place in the sales structure. Business lines making loss have been closed down.
At the end of financial year 2011, the sales revenues of Donauchem Kft exceeded HUF 2 billion for the first time. In addition, with regard to its net profit, it also became profitable. The equity capital of the company was increased significantly in order to finance the investments of the company.

The objectives of year 2012 were to make the Hungarian subsidiary a profit-oriented and cost-efficient member of the internationally recognized Donauchem group. The company performs its activites in a multinational spirit, drawing on its advantages and power. A new chemical distribution plant is being planned in Budapest, and production capacity is being established in Kazincbarcika in a value of approximately EUR 10 million.

At the end of the financial year 2012, the company managed to exceed the net profit of last year and the equity capital was increased additionally.
A professional CRM system has also been introduced in order to complement the SAP system and to further improve the level of business relationship with the existing partners.

In the course of year 2013, our new production unit, having a capacity of 105,000 tons was built up within the scope of an investment of about EUR 7 million in Kazincbarcika. Following a successful trial run, production as well as sales began both inland and abroad.

In July, 2014, Mr. Paul Schaller was nominated as co-managing director at Donauchem Hungary, responsible for leading division Water Treatment Kazincbarcika.

Regarding Budapest distribution, we started the project of of our new plant. At first our task was the initiation of the official licensing procedure and the related preparatory construction works.

During the financial year the commercial organization was further developed with the industrial specialization assigned to the newly appointed Business Development Managers. We have tightened our commercial relations with the European subsidiaries. According to our elaborated strategy, the portfolio of the products sold by us underwent significant changes, and at the end of the year we acquired an additional permit to distribute oil-based products requiring an excise-tax license.

In business year 2013 the Company managed to achieve taxed profit again for the third time in three consecutive years.

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